If you are interested in joining any of the classes, have any questions, or would like to organise private or workplace classes please email info@mayasoskolne.net.



The vinyasa is a continuous movement sequence practiced in a flow, from one asana to the next, with breath awareness. During the practice we also pause, work precisely and adjust specific asanas (poses), learning and listening to our body.

The group classes are structured to include standing and sitting asanas, breathing and relaxation. Inverted asanas are introduced with practice.

Groups are small and intimate so each person can work according to her or his own capability.


08:00-09:30 – Vinyasa Yoga


19:30-21:00 – Vinyasa Yoga


every second Saturday.

04. Mai, 25. Mai, 08. June, 29. June, 13. July

09:00-10:30 – Welcome the Weekend with Yoga.  

All classes are in Hobrechtsfelde

Der Saal, Hobrechtsfelde Dorfstr. 24, 16341 Panketal (The enterance ist between Nr. 24 and 23.) 


150 € for a 10 class card, 15 € for a trial class, 18 € for a drop-in



These classes are constructed according to your individual needs. The work is one-on-one, targeted to create a change, working at your pace and according to your progress and time commitment.

This option is aimed toward people who can’t or don’t want to attend a group yoga class, for people with injuries, busy people, or those who want to deepen their yoga practice.


Everyone can do yoga, and it can be practiced everywhere – even at work. Regardless of where you do it, yoga will greatly improve your quality of life. It reduces stress and fatigue, increases the ability to concentrate, encourages the flow of energy, and promotes good posture.